Jon Lord


Wait A While

Wait before you go,
So you will know, what I am feeling as you leave
I understand, your need for some time
Some solitude

Wait a while, before you go
You should know by now, my heart belongs to you

I know that you must leave
And I can see, that it's not easy for you, no
Buy I'll be here and know that my soul
Is always near you

Wait a while before you go
You should know by now I love you and so I will wait a while

Shake the vow and the leaves start falling
Spill the wine and our dreams come tumbling down
All around
The sand of time is slipping through my fingers
You and I, still the memories linger on
And on

Now I know that if I can only let go
And wait a while, you'll be here again with me
The same old friends we've always been

Wait a while before you go
You should know by now I love you and so I will wait a while
Wait a while
Wait a while
For you

Evening Song

Here am I
Let me paint for you
A picture
Bluest skies
As the sun burns through
Into evening
Warm and calm
Now the dusk is due and welcome
On my skin, in my bones
I can still feel the sun
Soothing my soul
And leading me gently
Into evening

Here sit I
In my cozy chair
I’ll listen
To the world
As it drifts in through
The open window
Music and memories
Will fall on my ears
Songs I hold dear
And I’m happy here
With myself alone
In the evening
In the evening of my life
Here am I

Days go by
And still I don’t see
The treasures in my life
Now I find
My dreams are here around me
Every thought, every mood
That passes me by
Is so precious to me
In the evening of my life
Evening of my life.

One From The Meadow

Ambling gently down this old path
Under a tunnel made of green trees
The clean sweet smell of grass is calling me
Soon I’ll reach the style and lamber over
Stepping onto summer’s softest soil and into open fields
Stretching out before my eyes
A vista just like Heaven here on earth

As I walk the poppies tickle
Delicately behind my knees
As I walk I feel the ripple
Running down my spine, reminding me that
I’m alive and I am feeling a sense of freedom and honesty
Ask me if I care that sentimental I may be
But one day dear, I’ll bring you here
And we will share
Heaven here on earth
Stretching out before my eyes
Like a Heaven here on earth

All around me grass a-quiver
A caressing breeze that sends a shiver
And the thought blew through
That I should bring to you……..
One from the meadow
One from the meadow
Show you this Heaven here on earth


copyright © László Zoltán 2012