Electric Light Orchestra


From The Sun To The World
(Jeff Lynne)

Listen to me sister, I got news from the governor
And he's heard people shouting from the towers in the city
While their babies grow in test tubes overnight.

Run and fetch the priest cause there's a light on in the building
And there's sounds blowing out in the music of the night
And we should try to get the people out alive.

Moving cross the ocean with the flag of death a'flying
The demon butcher pointing out the message on the tide
And the demon light a'sailing at his side

Storming down the airwaves comes the protest and the praying
And the love that shone down from the sun to the world
No longer could support the life it gave.

(Jeff Lynne)

My, my Kuiama, she came in the morning
She smiled but the tears on her little face
Showed the pain that had been in that far off place
So sad, treated so bad.

My, my Kuiama, don't break your heart trying
To say how your ma and your pa passed away
And they left you to wander the ruin and decay
Real mean, that bullet machine.

See here Kuiama, now ten thousand miles
Is a long, long way and you're here today
And you won't go back so you might say
Hello, how do you do.

Kuia stop your crying, there's no bombs a'falling
No horsemen in the night a'riding
Through your dreams and tearing at
Your life, baby goodnight.

No more silver rain will hit your ground
And no more guns will sound
And no more life be drowned
No more trenches where the soldiers lie
And no more people die
Beneath that big black sky.

Wake up Kuiama, I got something to tell you
It's just I mean, well that is to say
That I'm trying to explain but I'll start again
For You, I must be true.

Kuia in this country, they got rules with no reason
They teach you to kill and the send you away
With your gun in your hand you pick up your pay
So cool, that no mercy tool.

Kuia please believe me, I just couldn't help myself
I wanted to run but they gave me a gun
And they told me the duty that I owed to my
Fatherland, I made my stand.

Kuia I just shot them, I just blew their heads open
And I heard them scream in their agony
Kuiama, she waits there for me
True blue, you saw it through.

In Old England Town
(Jeff Lynne)

Down, down, you can see them all
Rising gaily to the top
Keep on rising babe, you know you got a long drop
You better cling cause it's the done thing.

Down, down at the Policemans Ball,
They're all dancing in a line
Keep on grunting boys, you know you're doing fine
Come quickly I've been strangled.

Down, down, at the Military,
They're all marching round & round
Keep them boots shined and that stiff upper lip down
Ablution Revolution.

Down, down at the launching pad
Giant phallus stands erect
Ten thousand tons of waste throb than eject
Look out space, we're gonna change our place.

Down, down in Old England Town
There was air and now there's smoke
Let's build more cars and drive away before we choke
Suddenly it's always nighttime.

Down, down at the nice Trade Fair
All the money gone astray
Let's inflate this price and float away
Just you and me and everyone...

(Jeff Lynne)

She came up from the county with a smile for everyone
She left her blue horizon just to find another home
A lonely girl who'd travelled many days
A lonely heart that could not find a way.

And she said, Momma
It's a hard life now you're gone
Momma, it's so hard to carry on
And I feel I'm a fool who lost it all
You used to make it all so very clear
That life must go on though the end is near
Oh, Momma
It's a sad and lonely life.

A misty morning rider, she came wandering through the hills
A wandering soul appearing over rainy window sills
A loser in her heart, but in her face
A smile for everyone under God's grace.


Midnight maiden madness, what to search for in this place
Gateway to the city, night sky shadows on her face
A lady lost in nowhere but her stare
Leaves the world, her life to start somewhere.


Eldorado Overture
(Jeff Lynne)

The dreamer...
The unwoken fool...
In dreams, no pain will kiss the brow
The love of ages fills the head
The days that linger there
In prey of emptiness, of burned out dreams
The minutes calling through the years
The universal dreamer rises up above his earthly burden
Journey to the dead of night
High on a hill
In Eldorado.

Can't Get it Out of my Head
(Jeff Lynne)

Midnight, on the water
I saw the ocean's daughter
Walking on a wave's chicane
Staring as she called my name.

And I can't get it out of my head
No, I can't get it out of my head
Now my old world is gone for dead
'Cos I can't get it out of my head.

Breakdown, on the shoreline
Can't move, it's an ebb tide
Morning don't get here tonight
Searching for her silver light.


Bank job, in the city
Robin Hood & William Tell & Ivanhoe & Lancelot
They don't envy me
Sitting 'till the sun goes down
In dreams the world keeps spinning round & round.


Boy Blue
(Jeff Lynne)

Hey Boy Blue
Can't you hear all the noise?
It's for you
All the town's waiting there
Let us go, there's a show
Like you ain't see before.

Welcome home
Where you been all these years?
Look around
All the crowd is in tears
It's so good to see you
In the streets of your town.

Hey, Boy Blue is back
Hey, Boy Blue is back
Hey, Boy Blue is back


I've seen bold knights dropping down like flies
I've seen kings rolling in the mire
I've seen God point the finger of doom to our foes.

I have fought in the holiest wars
I have smashed some of the holiest jaws
I've been jailed, been impaled and been dragged through the world.

One thing I have learned through these years
Is that no man should be stricken with fear
It should be that he walks with no care in the world.

So my friends who are gathered today
Here this clear, for I'll not further say
That no man shall cause me to take up arms again.


Laredo Tornado
(Jeff Lynne)

Summer days
Where did you go?
You've let me down so bad
Clouds fill the sky
Gone is the dream
My happy hunting ground
Wild buffalo played
And I never saw a rainy day
But it looks like
The summer days ain't coming back.

March, April, May
June and July
You took me for a fall
Big chief he lie
Cold wind blows cool
So cold to make you die
Mountain breeze, ocean bay
And I never saw a rainy day
But it looks like
Them summer days ain't coming back.

Laredo Tornado
Adios, amigos.

What can you do
When your dream world is gone
And your friends and lovers too?
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

West Winter Street
Under the ground
The air that makes you choke
Towers of concrete
Hellish go-round
Were there when I awoke
City sky, pouring down with rain
That can never hope to ease the pain
And it looks like
Them summer days ain't coming back.


Poor Boy
(Jeff Lynne)

Me, I'm just a poor boy from across the far southland
And I've travelled many days to reach this place to make my stand
Oh, I fell in with a merry band and drank away the hours.

Rolling on, I've been rolling on
And my head is high, from the battle won
Laid down my life for the Greenwood.

The city boys and the country boys they come from miles around
To defy their king and country, save the poor folks from the hand
Of the thieving dukes and abbots and the gentry of the land.


Sweet Maid Marion
Don't you do me no wrong
Stay on the right side
The Greenwood is your home
The dancing girls and the open fires
And the wine that flows like water.


Mister Kingdom
(Jeff Lynne)

Daylight comes to those who live
But those who die will never see
The sum come shining through their window pane
They pass away.

Silly girl, to be a fool
You didn't play the golden rule
'Cos once you're through with one world
There's another waiting there.

Help me, such a lonely soul
In dreams to leave behind the world
Mr. Kingdom, help me please
To find the rainbow's end.

Looking from this empty room
The corridors of endless gloom
Go crawling through the night
To meet the dawn that's on its way.

Oh, to sleep, perchance to dream
To live again those joyous scenes
The laughter and the follies
That are locked in side my head.


I can dream of flying high
Above the city's cares
And never be afraid of anyone
'Cos there ain't no one there.


Nobody's Child
(Jeff Lynne)

Painted Lady, stop that closing in on me
Painted Lady, you're supposed to be a dream
Painted Lady, you better stay away from me.

Painted Lady, why you loosening my tie?
Painted Lady, what's that twinkle in your eye?
Painted Lady, you better stay away from me.

Painted Lady, with your jewels and your beads
Painted Lady, don't you do these dirty deeds
Painted Lady, you better stay here with me.

Nobody's child
'Til I saw the light of your smile
Painted Lady, nobody's child
You have set me free.

Nobody's child
You came in and stayed for a while
Painted Lady, nobody's child
You have set me free.

Painted Lady, Painted Lady, Painted Lady
Painted Lady, Painted Lady, Painted Lady
Painted Lady, Painted Lady, Painted Lady

Painted Lady, Painted Lady, Painted Lady
Painted Lady, Painted Lady, Painted Lady
Painted Lady, Painted Lady, Painted Lady

Illsuions in G Major
(Jeff Lynne)

On the seven seas there was a phantom ship a'coming
Shining on the dead of night, I heard the crew a'humming
Tunes that sound like the Rolling Stones & Leonard Cohen
But they didn't know the words so I assumed that they was foreign.

But I heard them just the same
Doctor, let me teach 'em
I just wanna please 'em
Doctor let me teach 'em.

I looked up in the sky, there was a phantom plane a'coming
Shining in the dead of night, I heard the pilot saying
Poems that were written by John Keats & Robert Browning
But he didn't know the words so I suppose that it was nothing.


Doctor, please believe me
I know you won't deceive me
But do these things I'm seeing
Have any hidden meaning?
It's all good entertainment
And it doesn't cost a penny
So please doc, let me teach 'em
If I can only reach 'em.


(Jeff Lynne)

Here it comes, another lonely day
Playing the game, I'll sail away
On a voyage of no return to see
If eternal life is meant to be
And if I find the key
To the eternal dream...

The painted ladies of the Avalon
Play in the sun, take to the road
To the north there lies the chills of cold
To the south there lies the tales untold
But in between their lies
The place to close your eyes

And I will stay, I'll not be back
I will be free of the world

Say goodbye, the city's heroes sing
Bird on the wind feel, feel so free
Through the life upon the rooftop haze
All the cheating and the broken days
So, through it all I see
There's nothing left for me.


Sitting here, on top of everywhere
What do I care?
Days never end
I know the voyage's end will soon be here
No eternal life is here for me
And now I've found the key
To the eternal dream.


Eldorado Finale
(Jeff Lynne)

The dreamer...
The unwoken fool...
High on a hill
In Eldorado.


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