Lost Angeles

The truth that I sing
And the words that I bring
Are all meant for you
The trees they are full
And the minds they are bare
And this time I care.

Everyone has a car
But they won't travel far
Nobody here has the sunshine like I have.

Sad sad town, sad sad town
In the burning desert
Shanty town, shanty town,
Shanty town of the millionaire
A man will awaken one morning
Alone in the big brown gras
A millionaire alone in the burning desert.

Here am I alone in this city
Ain't that a pity
I just want to leave
And get away from Lost Angeles
Earthquakes and smog
Are driving me out of town
I don't want to be here
I don't want to be around
Take me away if you please
I do not want to live in Lost Angeles
I don't want to live here
Just want to get back home
I don't want to be here any more
I want to be on my own
Take me away if you please
Get me away from Lost Angeles.


Baby don't you leave me in this world alone
We'll go and see somebody who won't shake his head and moan
Doctors can do anything, it is said, today
I'll do anything, Ill even pray
But don't you leave me alone like this
I couldn't stand it without your kiss
So don't go
Don't you go

Well, there must be something that will cure you true
Is there anything that I can do
I just can't stand it without your living breath
But all that's left for us is your certain death
But baby don't you go
I couldn't face the world alone
So I'll follow you
I'll follow you

To the ends of the mountains I'll tread a path
Just to hear once more your fragrant laugh
I'll swim great rivers and I'll swim the seas
I'll do anything, anything to please
So we'll go together and face the things to come
I'm not afraid...
There, that's done

Downhill And Shadows

From now on it's downhill and shadows for me
From now on life's easy, easy as can be
If I quit now I'm still twenty years further on.

I had a dream that told me of someone
Who'd give all she had to me
That dream told me of somewhere
Where two people could be free
That land's downhill and in shadows
And that's where I'll be

From now on I'm not searching
I've got nothing to lose
I had a dream that told me everything
I've got nothing now to choose
It's all downhill and shadows
But this song hasn't been a blues

Rope Ladder To The Moon

You asked me to a party
to a house just by the moon
You gave me silver loving
the end was all too soon

You asked me to the theatre
in a place quite near the sun
You gave me golden sunbeams
you act was all in fun

Rope ladder to the moon!

You asked me to a meeting
in a cottage in the snow
You gave me central heating
I can't forget the glow

You asked me to a weekend
down by the stormy sea
You took me to a ceremony
and the sacrifice ??? was me!

You asked me to a stromcloud
up near the rainbow's end
Then you threw away the ladder
and gave me to your friend

You took me to a prison
and you said its chief was me
Then you locked me deep inside you
and thew away the key

Rope ladder to the moon!

Take Me Back To Doomsday

Take me back to that day before light
When the earth spinning faster and the air too hot
No creature had moved or showed its might
And life was a tiny dot
Nothing existed to love you
Take me back
Take me back

Take me back to the court to kings
When the world was ruled by knights and flail
When poor people prayed for the grace of God
And Lancelot fought for the Grail
And I would have loved to have saved you
Take me back
Take me back

Take me back to that time before time
When life was ridden at the pace of a snail
When the long hot Summers of youth were golden
And power was a billowing sail
And I would have had the time to love you
Take me back
Take me back

Take me back to the last time we met
When all I could see was the light in your eye
And the sides of your face were pale and wet
And deep inside I started to cry
And you didn't believe that I loved you
Take me back
Take me back
Take me back


copyright © László Zoltán 2005 - 2010